exclusive for positive impact projects where the nature is the star...or nearly

what is psycho-green mentoring?

It is an unique mentoring method created by Victoria Robles de Acqua, that combines forest-therapy, psycho-therapy, coaching and traditional mentoring (design & development of the strategic plan and the main monetization channels)

This method has 2 phases: 1) the reconnection with the own essence (this phase requires deep forest-therapy, psycho-therapy and coaching) 2) psicho-mentoring (that can be done on line or in the forest)


The time required by each phase depends on the inner work that the person has already done with herself and her genealogic tree. The phase 1 is indeed the deep one, while the second phase reveals the unique added value that a person can offer through a shape of a positive impact project or through her free life-style.  Both phases are done in SLOW mode.

which is the difference from traditional mentoring?

This method is indeed much more complete and deeper that traditonal mentoring due to the techniques that combines. Nevertheless, the main difference is the focus, and psycho-green mentoring focuses on the ESSENCE to give it shape into a positive impact project or free lifestyle afterwards.


Thus, the main motiv-actional factor is the expression of the ¨authentic self¨, which is monetized and what guarantees the sustainability of the projet in the medium-long term, unlike just covering market needs (main motiv-actional factor of tradicional mentoring) that it is inconsistent in time, tends to the burn out of the enterpreneur quite frequently.

  • Reconnection with your ¨authentic you¨, your lessons of evolution and inner profession
  • Individual or grupal sessions (maximum 3 people) applying forest-therapy and SLOW mode (it takes between 2 and 3 hours)
  • Coaching and Psicho-Therapy in place, as well as genealogic ties freedom through the sound of waterfalls (when needed)
  • It is mandatory to do this phase in person, in the forest. The price is 175 euros* (VAT included) for an individual session, or 125* euros if you attend a grupal session of 3 people (maximum)
  • Without Phase 1, it is not possible to do the Phase 2.
   *Bonus for English language applied
  • Once known your Essence, we focus on planting the roots of a robus project, based on the results
  • Essential Architecture and your Unique Value Proposal
  •  Strategic Action Plan
  • Monetization Plan based on your personal  ¨Life Triangle¨
  • Presential in the Forest: It takes between 5 and 8 hours. We concentrate all sessions in one shot. SLOW MODE
  • On line vía Zoom: we divide the sessions in a pack of 3. In this mode, homework is applicable during sessions
  • The price in person or on line remains the same: 250* euros (VAT included) (1 payment in advance). We do recomend the personal session in the forest.
* Bonus for English language applied
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